Our services typically include – but are certainly not limited to – the list below. We consider ourselves a real partner with your event and can customize our services to meet your needs. If something you need is not seen on the list below, let's talk about how we can help:

"Having fun at the Komen Portland Race for the Cure!"

  • Receive and store event t-shirts until shipment to teams/day of event
  • Handle shipment of event t-shirts/materials to event participants
  • Manage event data (participant data – can handle both online and paper registrations)
  • Event bib numbers – assignment, preparation and organization
  • Event e-blasts (confirmations, announcements, logistical updates)
  • Data entry
  • Data to timing company
  • Prepare / track / individual race packets
  • Process registrations
  • Deposits and reconciliation
  • Design and print registration forms
  • Detailed records of gifts and donations
  • Online registration
  • Pre-registration lists and reports
  • Registration processing
  • Team packet preparation and distribution

On-site services, including:

  • Will call booth
  • Day-of registration services
  • Solutions booth
  • Data entry services
  • Expo or pre-event packet pick ups

When we're not busy putting your event across the finish line, we also provide bulk mailing services

  • CASS / presort / barcoding
  • Collating
  • Copies / color
  • Data entry
  • Data processing services
  • Folding
  • Graphic design
  • Inserting
  • Mailing lists
  • Mail merge/purge
  • Mailing list maintenance/management
  • Postage discounts
  • Printing
  • Quick turnaround mailing
  • Tabbing

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